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Aromatherapy is an alternative form of medicine

The very word aromatherapy indicates the use of natural substances. This therapy uses the oils extracted from flowers, barks, stems, and the roots of certain trees and plants for enhancing the physical as well as the psychological wellbeing of a person.

The therapy involves the inhaling of the scent from these essential oils. This can stimulate the brain to function in a cohesive manner. The human skin can absorb these oils. Hence, these oils can flow through the circulation system and reach the various inner organs as well.

This is an alternative method of treatment, gaining momentum in recent times. It has various benefits such as giving relief to pains, enhancing the mood, as well as improving the functions of the brain.

The massage therapy involves a rejuvenating massage using the oils extracted from herbs, fruits, and flowers. You can choose the oil you wish to have. There is a difference between the aromatic oils and the essential oil is that the aromatic oils comprise about 2% of the essential oils dissolved in 98% grapeseed or almond oil.

The massage works based on inhalation of the aromatic oils whereby it improves the functioning of the brain. This effective mode of therapy is gaining momentum in recent times.

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