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Cocoa butter body scrub can exfoliate the skin

There is no better cure than Mother Nature for the human body. People have become more area of the wonderful qualities of Nature. Hence, you can find a number of natural beauty products in the market today. They hold the edge as far as competing with the chemical products is concerned. The cocoa butter body scrub ranks high on the list of exfoliating creams available in the market.

This is a simple to use body scrub capable of exfoliating the skin. It can remove the dead skin cells thereby enabling the new cells to grow. This scrub consists of almond shells and rice powder. This ensures that water does not dissolve the scrub granules. You should note that the scrub is more effective on damp skin rather than dry skin.

Applying the scrub is also very easy. You have to moisten your skin a bit. Apply it gently over the skin. Leave it on for about five to ten minutes. Wash it off properly. This scrub has a beautiful chocolate flavor. This leaves your skin with a beautiful fragrance after the scrub. This hydrating cream is very good for dry skin. The cocoa butter makes the skin feel greasy and smooth.

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