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The Balinese massage is a combination of three massage techniques

Balinese massage, as the name suggests is a traditional Indonesian massage technique. This is a combination of three therapies namely, acupressure, reflexology, and aromatherapy. The main objective of this massage is to loosen the muscles and ease pain.

There is a great resemblance to the Ayurvedic technique where the focus is on restoring the balance of the body. The main technique involves the masseuse kneading or folding the skin thereby enabling a clear unhindered flow of blood, oxygen, and energy throughout the body. It is a deep massaging technique involving identification of press points and using standard massaging techniques such as palm pressure, sliding, short exploration, etc among others.

The massage starts with the acupressure techniques where the masseuse applies pressure at specific points on the body to promote the free flow of blood.

The second aspect of the massage concerns reflexology, much similar to acupressure. However, reflexology involves applying pressure on certain parts of the body such as feet, hands, and the ears.

The third and final part of the massage therapy concerns aromatherapy. The use of essential and scented oils promotes relaxation and helps relieve stress. This massage can relieve all the tensions and reduces stress and anxiety levels.

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