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The Hammam bath is a good relaxation technique

You might have heard of the steam bath and the sauna bath. These are very common words in the body massage parlors. The Islamic or the Turkish variant of the steam bath is the Hammam bath. We shall have a brief look at the procedure involved in a Hammam bath.

The first step is the relaxation in a warm room. The flow of continuous warm or hot air enables the bather to bathe in his or her own perspiration. The next step involves moving into a hotter room where the air would be hotter. The third step would involve the bather to have a cold shower to end the proceedings. The masseurs then get into the act of offering a full body massage before retiring to a cooling room for relaxation.

This process makes use of the body’s innate ability to get rid of the toxins thereby leaving you with a sense of rejuvenation and a glowing skin as well. These kinds of Hammam baths have been popular during the Victorian era.

You can get these kinds of bath and massages in many cities. Chennai too has its own best relax body massage center in Kilpauk. You can have this massage and many others too at this place.

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