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The hot stone massage therapy supplements the deep tissue massage

There are many kinds of natural therapy. The hot stone massage therapy is a popular one. In this massage therapy, the masseur places warm stones at specific points on the client’s body. These stones are smooth-surfaced river stones usually made of basalt. They heat these stones in sanitized water before placing them. These stones have a high iron content that can help the client physically as well as psychologically.

The heat emanating from the stones help the muscles to relax. Hence, it allows the therapist to proceed with the deep tissue massage therapy subsequently. The massage therapist needs to loosen the muscles before providing the treatment. These hot stones can serve the purpose of releasing the tension and easing the sore muscles.

Every muscle has a trigger point. The masseur places these stones strategically at the trigger points before proceeding with the actual massage. This hot stone massage can improve the blood circulation in addition to providing relief from the muscular pain.

This therapy can relieve a great deal of stress from your mind. It has the best use in providing relaxation against anxiety disorders and depression. The masseurs use this technique as a supplement to other kinds of massage therapy.

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