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The Swedish massage is a beginners massage

The Swedish massage is a very common type of massage technique in the western part of the world. It is a combination of the sports massage, deep tissue massage, and aromatherapy.

It is a Western massage, quite opposed to the Asian style of working on the meridians. The massage usually lasts for around an hour. Sometimes, it can take more time as well.

There are two types of Swedish massages, the slow, gentle type, and the vigorous type depending on the objective. The technique involves lubricating the skin with massage oil followed by massage strokes. After warming up the muscle tissue, the masseuse sets up to break the muscle knots or adhesions.

Starting with slow strokes, this massage can get heavy as well. You can ask for a reduction in the pressure if you are unable to bear the pain. However, the chronic pain would require a deep tissue massage.

The main objective of the Swedish massage is to relax the body, help the lymph system rid the body of the toxins, improve the blood quality and circulation, and increase the flexibility of the muscles. This massage technique involves the application of deep pressure on the trigger points using the kneading or the percussion techniques.

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