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The Thai massage is the only therapy with the receiver fully clothed

The Thai massage is a combination of three massaging techniques. This system combines acupressure, Ayurvedic techniques, as well as Yoga. The Thai massage is a special kind of massage that does not require the receiver to remove his clothes. The only condition is that he or she should wear loose fitting clothes.

This massage does not involve rubbing of oils or lotions. Of course, there will be body contact between the giver and the receiver. There is no rubbing of any part of the body. However, the giver compresses, pulls, stretches as well as rocks the body as per the requirement.

The session may last for about two hours. In this kind of massage, there may be many recipients and givers in the same room. The massage technique involves pulling and stretching of the hands and feet, as well as cracking knuckles, and so on. It also involves the giver walking on the receiver’s back.

Originating in Thailand, it follows the Asian method of massaging with great emphasis on the designated lines in the body known as ‘sen’. This massage involves meditation as well as prayers. This is a special kind of massage. However, this is also an effective form of massage in many ways.

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