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The traditional Indian massage is back with a bang

The Abhyangam massage is a purely Indian traditional massage. The word Abhyangam literally translates into ‘oil’. Theoretically speaking, the Abhyangam massage is an oil massage for the complete body. This massage works on the balancing of the various ‘doshas’ in the human body.

There are three kinds of doshas in the human body. Each dosha requires a different kind of treatment. The Vata dosha requires treatment with sesame or almond oil about four to five times a week. The Pitta dosha requires you to take the massage using coconut oil or sunflower oil whereas the Kapha dosha uses the safflower oil for the treatment.

The benefits of this oil massage to the entire body are numerous.

By nourishing the entire body, regular use of this massage can delay the effects of aging. By lubricating the joints, this massage gives a sense of firmness to the limbs as well as tones the muscles perfectly. Stimulating the internal organs of the body, this massage can improve blood circulation. It can increase your stamina and enhance your vision as well. By removing the impurities from the body, it helps in detoxification of the body. It can make the hair grow black and glossy and smoothen the skin as well.

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