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This traditional Indian massage, Pizhichil is an effective one

The Pizhichil massage is a traditional Indian massage with its roots in Kerala. Based on the Ayurvedic techniques as well as acupressure, this massage is a combination of oil and heat treatment. The literal meaning of the word Pizhichil is the squeezing of warm medicated oil on the body of the receiver.

The procedure involves the application of warm medicated oil all over the body using a piece of cloth. The masseuse soaks the cloth in the oil for about an hour every day for a period of seven days at the least.

Pizhichil massage would entail the body to sweat profusely. Hence, this massage has tremendous use in treating rheumatic diseases, arthritis, paralysis, as well as nervous disorders.

The massage can relieve body pain as well as muscle spasms. Using this technique, the masseuse can treat fractured bones as well. This massage believes in improving the immunity of the person. It improves blood circulation and brightens the complexion of the skin as well. You can treat nervous disorders such as hypertension easily. It is also effective in the treatment of asthma and tuberculosis.

This rejuvenating massage can help in soothing the nerves and improve the sleeping patterns. This relaxing massage has anti-aging properties as well.

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